Mc. Guber

Concession Trailers and Mobile Kitchens

Meat and Chicken Ovens. Corn Roasters.

We are a leading company both in national and international market in manufacturing high-quality custom-built Concession Trailers and Mobile Kitchen. We also build meat and chicken ovens, and corn-roaster machines. We do metallic manufactures with export quality. We have more than 10 years of experience.

Authorized by: NHTSA (U.S.)

(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Our products are pieces of craftsmanship of superb quality, always complying with all standards and requirements set forth to operate in the United States, but providing the best options and prices. Our customers are personally attended by the owner himself, who will provide you his extensive knowledge of service needs.

Concession Trailers. Ovens. Mobile Kitchen. Mc. Guber

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